Feb 2022


A one-shot comic book of abstract imagery accompanied by poetry. A fleeting vision of two entities linked by the burden of letting go of all that keeps them from autonomy. Illustrated by Anton Mozhegov and Mattia Monaco with letters by Novella Locritani. Self-Published, 2022.
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Mar 2023


Nov 2022

Objects in the Mirror

A one-shot comic book that discusses themes of identity, found family,and self loathing. Illustrated by Gaspare Oricco and lettered by Novella Locritani with edits by Saif Saidari.
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Oct 2022

The Alpha Council

A superhero whodunnit murder mystery mini-series. Set in a world where heroes are controlled by their world’s powers. A team of government sponsored heroes launch an international hunt for the murderer of the world’s greatest superhero.
Issue One out now.