What’s Cookin’

Objects in the Mirror is on ZOOP! My upcoming 20-page one-shot is an abstract story accompanied by poetry. Launching this winter with three covers. Interior art by Gasp, letters by Novella Locritani and edits by Saif Sidari. Follow the campaign here to get notified of when we launch!

I’m on Ko-Fi! You can leave me a tip for as little as $3 and get exclusive updates and behind the scenes peaks at everything coming up! All revenue generated from Ko-Fi will go directly towards making more comics and paying creators fairly!

I’m happy to announce that Etheres has been picked up by a publisher and is slated for release sometime in the coming year! I’m incredibly proud of the work we’ve poured into this book and I can’t wait to share more of what’s to come.

I was recently hired to script and develop The Alpha Council which is created by Arkin Tyagi! A three-issue mini that I hope will find its way to your hands soon! concept art and panel previews! (Art by @_artkin_)

Eleutheromania is here!


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